Welcome to Micronized, a South African based mining and minerals processing group which has supplied industrial minerals and related services for over five decades.

Micronized has earned excellent credentials through supplying an array of products into a diversity of sectors, including paint and coatings, glass, plastics, rubber, automotive, ceramics, adhesives, paper, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Micronized 50-Year Anniversary
Our Story

The Micronized group operates primarily through two companies: Micronized Products (Pty) Ltd in Johannesburg and Pegmin (Pty) Ltd in Mica, near Phalaborwa.


Micronized products prides itself on the highest grade industrial minerals manufactured in South Africa for use in the coatings, ceramics, flooring and personal care products.


Micronized continues to formulate and develop innovative new products. It boasts world class manufacturing technology as well as extensive in-house research and development facilities.

Surpassing clients' expectations for over 50 years!
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