Benrose Factory – Johannesburg

The Micronized Group’s Johannesburg based operation in Benrose is a processing operation for talc, mica, barytes and kaolin, all of which are essentially inert and non-toxic.

Factory – Limpopo Province

Our Limpopo factory processes raw ore from our mining operation and produces different milled grades of Feldspar, Silica and Mica to supply to the Glass, Coatings, Ceramics and Chemical Industries.

Mine – Limpopo Province

We are the largest open-cast miner of Pegmatite Ore in Africa. Mined ore is washed and sorted into 3 constituent minerals, namely Feldspar, Silica and Mica

Grahamstown Factory & Mine – Eastern Cape

The Makana municipal district incorporates Grahamstown and is a rich source of high quality Kaolin and Ball Clays. Micronized mines and processes different grades of Kaolin and Ball Clays for use in a wide range of industrial applications.