The Micronized Group prides itself in being a miner and processor of the highest quality industrial minerals in South Africa. These are used in a diverse range of industries including paints & coatings, glass, ceramics, flooring and personal care products.
Micronized mines and processes 6 industrial minerals and their derivatives, namely: Feldspar, Silica, Mica, Talc, Kaolin & Barytes.
Microbrite® – Milled Feldspar
Our Microbrite® range, known technically as alkali aluminium silicates, are a range of milled feldspar minerals processed from pegmatite deposits at our mine in Limpopo, South Africa.
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Screened Feldspar
Offering screened feldspar, providing good dry brightness, from 0.3mm to 25mm utilising the same source of high quality raw feldspar as used in our Microbrite® range.
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Microsil® – Milled Silica
Our Microsil® range of milled silica quartz minerals are processed from our pegmatite deposits that are used in our Microbrite® range.
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Our Microtalc® range are high quality magnesium silicate minerals with a monoclinic crystal structure. When milled into a fine powder, the lamellar (or platey) property gives a smooth soapy feel.
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Our Mica range of products occurs as a co-product from the same pegmatite ore body we mine to obtain the Microbrite® range of Feldspars and the Microsil® range of Silica’s.
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Our Kaolin range of products are mined from our own deposit that forms part of the well-known Grahamstown Kaolinite complex in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa.
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Ball Clay
Our Ball Clay (or plastic clays) offer plasticity and wet-strength, good wet and dry brightness, acid resistance, heat stability and used in a wide range of applications.
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Also known as also as Barite or Barium Sulphate. With a high specific gravity of 4.5, Barytes is distinctive in non-metallic industrial minerals.
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Supersilk derives its name from the soft and silky properties inherent in lamellar structured aluminium silicate ore bodies. Used in coatings, polishes and specialised mastics.
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