Micronized Products’ naturally occurring Kaolin is a close cousin to the range of other industrial minerals the company mines and processes, namely Feldspar, Silica Quartz, Mica, Talc and Barytes. Mined and processed in the Grahamstown area of the Eastern Cape Province, Kaolin has many established uses in the ceramics, coatings and personal care industries. Kaolin is used for its chemical constituents like Alumina and Potassium, as well as for some of its more distinctive physical properties. 

Micronized is proud to introduce Kaolin Grade FF. The FF is short for free-flowing and that is exactly what Kaolin FF is designed to do. In our Eastern Cape factory, raw Kaolin is crushed and dried in a rotary drying process which removes ambient moisture and moisture bound in the mined Kaolin material. The result is a dried or dehydrated Kaolin which is then milled to a sub 53 micron (300 mesh) particle size and bagged in either 25kg bags or in 1000kg Bulk bags.  Traditionally these specialised minerals would have been imported due to the lack of downstream beneficiation capacity in South Africa.

Similar to the Talc mineral, Kaolin FF is easily fluidised and flows, literally like water!

These fluid properties makes the Kaolin FF an ideal bulking agent in fire extinguisher powders, whilst the Kaolin FF is also mostly inert making it an ideal diluent and carrier to hold concentrated powdered chemicals, whether for feeds, agriculture or domestic chemical use. And, since it is dry and flowing, it is ideal for hygroscopic products and as a dusting agent. Kaolin FF has low plasticity and is dilatent (meaning it doesn’t readily thicken in water). This makes Kaolin FF an ideal carrier for chemical or fertiliser concentrates which are diluted into water suspensions for efficient drip irrigation or crop-spraying. As a naturally occurring industrial mineral, Kaolin FF is non-toxic and gentle on the environment. 

Micronized Products is proud to continue to identify industrial requirements for its mineral portfolio in the Southern African market and working with its loyal customer base in developing the correct solutions that are cost effective and good for the SA economy.