Pharmatalc, as its name implies, is a pharmaceutical grade talc that is produced by Micronized Products at its Benrose, Johannesburg factory. Micronized’s Pharmatalc is used internationally in the pharmaceutical industry for tabletting and pharmaceutical processing.

The fact that Pharmatalc starts as a naturally occurring mineral makes it an ideal ingredient in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics; including vitamins & mineral supplements, medicines, soaps and beauty products.

Less than a century ago, talc was better known as soapstone and boilermakers chalk. The smooth and soapy feel of talc is the reason that talc is used extensively all over the world as a primary filler for high end luxurious soap bars. Talc’s soft and smooth feel is still prized for use in carvings, tiles and elegant counter-tops. Talc is also not a chalk (limestone), but due to its heat stability to over 1000 degrees C, is ideal for marking of metal surfaces before welding or heat treatment.

Micronized’s Pharmatalc that is widely used in the personal care and pharmaceutical industries is very pure, and processed under strictly controlled conditions, including sterilisation. This results in an ideal inert powder free of contamination which can then be used as a carrier to hold the active medicinal ingredients before tabletting. The smooth soapy consistency also lubricates the machinery and is soft enough to minimise any abrasion. In cosmetics and high end personal care products, Pharmatalc provides softness and spreadability in cosmetic bases, eye shadows and improves the opaqueness of makeup.

Micronized Products has been a leading miller, producer and processor of talc powders for the paints, coatings, ceramics and pharmaceutical industry for decades. Combining Talc with the other minerals in its portfolio namely Feldspar, Silica Quartz, Mica, Kaolin and Barytes, Micronized has an extensive range of sizes and purities to supply any industrial application both locally and internationally.

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